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Do you want to experience a more abundant STEMM career this 2022?

Of course you do!
Then grab this chance to apply to an exclusive 
career-and-life-changing 8-week Your Authentic Self Program

A Proven Evidence-Based Step-By-Step Career Changing Course to Make 2022 The Best Year of Your Life

We've been helping hundreds of STEMM Professionals experience their breakthrough moments in the 
past 5 years and you could be our NEXT STEMM HERO.

What you'll gain inside the program?

  • Personalised coaching and training
  • ​Step by step system to multiply your success in your  professional and personal life.
  • ​Belonging to a community of high performing            professionals who are committed to gaining success          through personal and professional development

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • How to escalate your optimism so you can get more done, magnify your focus and amplify your opportunities.
  • Heavyweight habits of today’s champions of the STEMM industry, including setting better boundaries, busting through procrastination, and exploding the Imposter Syndrome myth.
  • A neuroscience-based practice to help you release your greatest fears, disarm your negative self-talk, and unleash your   highest potential.
  • Uncommon rules to authentically lead yourself and others to defeat the hierarchy and status quo, to amply your wealth amidst volatile and toxic conditions.
  • ​A step-by-step method to reclaim the H.E.R.O.ism, confidence and autonomy that you may have lost through life’s challenges.
  • ​The ADVANCED strategies to make your personal        transformation and get results.

WALT Institute Featured In


Extraordinary High Performance Coach

Christine Burns 
BA Psych, PGDipMngt, MIPPA
  • CEO, Co-founder of WALT Institute
  • Over 20 years expertise as  a former elite athlete, educator and      performance coach in Authentic Leadership growth and development​
  • She specialises in creating high performing individuals and teams in academia, research and corporate arenas

Outstanding Authentic Leadership Coach

Dr. Elizabeth Pritchard
  • Director, Co-founder of WALT Institute
  • Research Fellow, Monash University
  • 30 years of coaching and leadership experience to help individuals’ step into their own Authentic power
  • As a health professional, researcher, and Leadership Coach, she empowers women & men in STEMM to believe they are enough!

Join people from around the world, just like you who are embracing the philosophies, tactics + methodologies of the Authentic Leadership method. 

Secure your seat in this world-class online group coaching and training course to receive a FREE one-on-one coaching session,
with one of our Head Coaches.

You’ll receive twice-weekly group training sessions with Christine and Elizabeth, Q & A sessions for personalised coaching and training, full access to all session replays, downloadable training materials and a private community to celebrate your successes and share your challenges.

8-Week Program Power Packed Trainings

Week 1: Boundary Setting and Authentic Leadership

Setting superior boundaries doesn’t have to be a daunting task. 

Set the container, establish effective parameters, and regulate the expectations. 

➡️ Discover the evidence-based Authentic Leadership                    boundary-setting methodologies
➡️ Gain personalised strategies and tactics to set superior              boundaries in your career and life.

 Having strong boundaries in place right from the start, will make your job 10X easier." 
Week 2: Stress Management and Eustress

Reframing stress is the magic ingredient to gaining even more success in your life.

Taming the beast of stress with an optimistic infinite mindset and access remarkable results. 

➡️ Uncover the simple tactics to reframe and view stress as             eustress (an optimistic approach)
➡️ Empower yourself to rise above the stressors.

 Success in life increases when stress decreases." 
Week 3: Learning From Our Emotions

Be one of the top performers, scientists, professionals and entrepreneurs who are all very much aligned and in tune with their emotions.

➡️ Get the edge - understand and use your emotions to be            more effective, more productive and release your
      untapped potential
➡️ Function at a superior level than ever before.

 Emotional regulation and high achievement go hand in hand!" 
Week 4: Creating Optimism

Developing an optimistic and infinite mindset is the key to excelling in the world today.

➡️ Master the art and science of Optimism
➡️ Unleash your optimistic mindset to decrease the negative        self-talk and become extraordinary
➡️ Gain clarity to enhance your opportunities

 Being optimistic empowers you to handle stressful situations with ease." 
Week 5: Boosting Resilience

Implementing the Authentic Leadership approach to resilience allows you to go to a whole new level.  

➡️ Discover this revolutionary approach to resilience
➡️ Rapidly move forward with momentum
➡️ Bounce forward not just back!

 This revolutionary approach to resilience inspires you to bounce forward not just back." 
Week 6: Courageous Confidence

There is a great difference between having confidence and living every day as a courageously confident person.

➡️ Empower yourself to strive for and achieve greater levels          of progress in your work and personal life
➡️ Triumph over fear with courage
➡️ Strengthen your self-belief like never before

 Being courageously confident is straightforward when you learn the simple techniques." 
Week 7: Mental Toughness

This week is a defining week for many who have completed the program.

➡️ Comprehend the greatness of your strengths
➡️ Unleash your perseverance and passion
➡️ Discover your limitless potential
➡️ Take back control & know when to say NO

 The mentally tough person is able to take action in the face of fear, self-doubt, and uncertainty." 
Week 8: Leading Yourself and Others

The Authentic Leadership approach to effective inclusive leadership is to lead yourself first and then others. 

➡️ Master the principles of Authentic Leadership
➡️ Cultivate a win-win-win environment where everyone                succeeds
➡️ Gain the edge and grow more than you thought possible

 Authentic leadership is about being open, genuine and transparent, which cultivates a superior team." 


And find excuses not to join, verses getting off the fence and taking action to craft a life you adore, you’ll miss one of the single greatest opportunities WALT Institute has ever created… actually not joining us will cost you a lot more in terms of hardship and suffering because you hesitated.

Together, let’s make this YOUR chance…

Your chance to rise to a whole new level of success, beauty, calmness and contribution to many!


We’ve done everything we can to make this course full of learning paradigms, proven principles and extraordinary strategies to help you make big things happen for you and your career.
So just do it… apply now before you miss out.
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